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Plusieurs orchestres de jeunes anglais

Planning en cours juillet 2022

Concerts gratuits en Wallonie

Contactez nous pour participer en 2022

Musique en scène Wallonie is the product of 15 years of OneStage organising music tours for UK amateur orchestras and choirs to this relatively undiscovered region of Belgium (for Brits). We love this region;, the wealth of places to visit, the warmth of the people, the enthusiasm of the audiences, the beautiful countryside, excellent beers and it's only a short drive from Calais! 

The pandemic has set back our plans to launch the festival in July 2020, but we look forward to connecting with audiences in the region once again in 2022. 
If you would like your orchestra or choir to visit this beautiful part of Belgium and perform in some spectacular venues then please contact us today to find out more. 
If you are a concert venue and would be interested in hosting a concert then please get in touch!  

OneStage Festivals Wallonia update September 2021

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