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Les musiciens

Participate in our festivals

UK Ensembles & Choirs

We welcome applications from all types of ensembles regardless of genre or age. Our festivals take place in the summer months but we sometimes run spin off spring editions.


Our focus is on providing value conscious tours with exceptional concerts. To be able to participate in our festivals all travel & accommodation arrangements must be made through OneStage Specialist Concert Tours.  

In order to accept ensembles and choirs at our festivals we will require a recording (audio or video), a biography, sample repertoire and photographs for publicity purposes. 

Ensembles & Choirs outside the UK

As a fully licensed Tour Operator, OneStage Specialist Concert Tours are able to make all the arrangements for your travel to our festival destinations. We welcome enquiries from International choirs and ensembles. 


If you would like to find out more information then please fill in the form below and we will send you some more information.

Ask us about our festivals & say hello!

Thank you for getting in touch! 

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